Sam Alston, Big Lives

Our Founder

Sam created Big Lives to disrupt the way we shop by re-envisioning retail as a powerful experience of discovery. 

She is fueled by a mission to help emerging designers flourish, which she believes hinges less on resources than the ability to move customers through values and storytelling.

Sam Alston fell in love with retail in her first job out of college, working with customers on the shop floor of a maternity store in Seattle. There, she learned first-hand the value of connecting women with pieces that create comfort and meaning in their lives.

Backed by an undergraduate degree from Harvard College in Fine Arts, an MBA from NYU Stern, and more than a decade of experience working in corporate fashion for brands like Urban Outfitters and Louis Vuitton in roles ranging from Merchandising, to Client Development & Events, to Retail Management, Sam is passionate about an industry in flux.


What We Do

Big Lives curates events which last from 2 hours to 2 days, showcasing the best of on-the-rise fashion design.

Our experiences bring emerging brands to life, forming deep connections with potential customers and advocates.

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What We Believe

Retail isn't dead, it’s dusty.

Traditional models, long in decline, have given birth to Retail as Service. At Big Lives, we re-imagine shopping in a way that connects emerging luxury designers with experiences their ideal audiences crave.

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What makes us different

Big Lives experiences define Fleeting Retail, lasting from 2 hours to 2 days.

We curate 12-15 designers across fashion and lifestyle categories, anchored in a set of common values.

Our events are gallery-like, social happenings that hinge on discovery and build community.

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